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Sizzle Reel

Mae West arrives at the flashy doors of a typical Las Vegas casino behind a golden gate. She immediately makes for the colorfully suave doorman who introduces himself as "Peter".  After, unsuccessfully vamping him,  he reveals that he is St. Peter, and these are the gates to Heaven.


Mae is taken aback and says, “I never thought I'd live to see the day!”

Mae West learns that the key to entering Heaven is getting a good review from the big critic in the sky. So we are witness to a musical flashback of Mae's life – from Bushwick, Brooklyn and Coney Island to the vaudeville circuit, Broadway and finally to Hollywood and worldwide fame.

Did she get into Heaven?


Mae West
Stars burst

The story of the inimitable Mae West, starting from her early days on the sidewalks of NY, through her involvement in vaudeville and the development of her unique and uniquely sexual persona, her run-ins with the law, her long involvement with James Timony and her later career in the movies, including with W.C. Fields, is not a far cry from some of the circumstances we are faced with today.... sexual discrimination, women's rights, racism, freedom of speech and censorship.  

Mae West was way ahead of her time, and "Come Up 'N See Me" will delight varied audiences -- men and women of all ages. ....Hilarity with a message!

Mae West

Book by:  Bianca Leigh, Bonnie Lee Sanders and Ellen Schwartz


Music & Lyrics by: Bonnie Lee Sanders and Ellen Schwartz

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